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High-Rise Cul-de-Sac

Posted by Týr on February 4, 2009

A few weeks ago Maja and I spent a good chunk of an afternoon on Roosevelt Island, just walking around. I’ve always wanted to go, ever since I realized that the Renwick Ruin was actually part of the same island. I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk around a ruin in NYC?? So we took the subway there, got out of the station into a completely overcast day. As we started on our way south to the Ruin, I noticed that the Queensboro Bridge didn’t look as hideous as it usually does. If the sky is a lovely, clear blue, the bridge is anything but. Its hideous brown-and-yellow paint job just reminds you of your  less appealing bodily functions. If the bridge’s backdrop is grey, however, it does look quite nice.

Our destiation out of the subway was the Renwick Ruin. It does look quite cool. Too bad it was fenced off, so I couldn’t get up close and do some UrbEx, but then again, that thing looks like the next stiff breeze could knock it down. Still, I may want to hop the fence in the future, but only with my running shoes. The fence gets in the way of most good shots.

After that, we started wandering north on the island. And really, there’s nothing there. Absolutely nothing. It always looks like an appealing place to live when you’re on the FDR Drive and all you see is that small island, filled with modern high-rises. But the island is annoying to get to at best: either you take the one subway line that goes there, or the Tram (which is totally inconvenient on the Manhattan side), or the Roosevelt Island Bridge and then go through god-only-knows where in Queens. While walking down the one street on the island I got the feeling of the space being designed to feel like a small-town Main St, but trying to accomplish that goal using the tools of Midtown Manhattan: high-rises. As you might imagine, it fails utterly. It does succeed in feeling like a dead-end, albeit a cul-de-sac with fine housing.

A few hours spent on the island was more than enough for me. Still, I think I’ll head back there sometime when the weather is nicer to take a closer look at the Ruin. That thing is quite awesome, and I want to get up close and personal with it.


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Hello Fleshbot people!

Posted by Týr on January 19, 2009

It seems that Fleshbot took a liking to my recent post about being punched and crying as a result. Thanks Fleshbot! I’m quite surprised that I got picked. Also somewhat confused that I didn’t get a pingback about it, but that doesn’t matter. I only noticed because I had a sudden spike in visits to my website over the weekend, which surprised me. I hadn’t posted since the 9th. But I’m honored, and flattered.

I shall soon write about a similar scene that we did just last night. Similar, but totally different. And I haven’t quite wrapped my head around what happened.

And as for all my newest visitors, hello. Welcome. If you want, let me know who you are and what you have to say. I’m sure it’s worth reading.

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Posted by Týr on January 3, 2009

My lovely friends Maymay and Eileen recently had a brilliant idea, which they are turning into reality from 10000 miles away: KinkForAll. If you have already heard about KinkForAll through the grapevine, then consider this post a reminder. If you haven’t, then I hope you read, think, and ideally, join.

Also, I am strongly considering presenting at this event. Who knows?


Kink For All: the Vitals
What: A no-limits sex-positive gender and sexuality unconference.

Why: To inspire a creative, interactive and open environment where everyone feels comfortable talking, learning, and being inspired by all kinds of sexuality.

When: March, 2009 (exact date yet to be determined)

Where: NYC (We’re still looking for a venue! Could you help us out with that? See ‘Get Involved,’ below!)

Who: Everyone

How much: Free (as in beer as well as freedom)

KinkForAll is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people of the kink, queer, sex-positive and related communities to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, presentations, and interaction from all participants.  (It is inspired by the BarCamp community.)

Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. When you attend, be prepared to share with others. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.

A KinkForAll is a special kind of gathering because there are no spectators, only participants. Attendees must give a talk or a presentation, help with one, or otherwise volunteer/contribute in some way to support the event. This is called sharing and we like it. All presentations are scheduled the day they happen—there are no pre-scheduled presentations or keynote addresses. The people present at the event will select the presentations they want to see.

Anyone can present, on any topic related to sexuality. You do not necessarily have to teach a new skill or idea. You might share an experience, review a product, or read a poem. The goal is to start a discussion, make connections, and exchange knowledge. Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are discouraged.

Learn more about what to expect at http://kinkforall.pbwiki.com/WhatToExpect

Learn more about the event guidelines at http://kinkforall.pbwiki.com/TheRulesOfKinkForAll

Get Involved
We need your help in spreading the word. Please help by participating.  

Here’s how:

1. Get excited by reading the ideas on http://kinkforall.pbwiki.com/KinkForAllNewYorkCity

2. Add your name or handle to the list of participants

3. Join the mailing list and introduce yourself by emailing kinkforall@googlegroups.com

If you have access to a venue, or know someone who has access to a venue, please email the kinkforall@googlegroups.com mailing list with that information.

Still have questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions at http://kinkforall.pbwiki.com/FrequentlyAskedQuestions or email kinkforall@googlegroups.com for more details.

KinkForAll Online
Participate online before the event at your favorite social networking web site.

Homepage: http://KinkForAll.org

Google: http://groups.google.com/group/kinkforall

Twitter: http://twitter.com/KinkForAll

Identica: http://identi.ca/kinkforall

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/KinkForAll/40066342762

All primary organizational efforts are being coordinated via the mailing list. Join for free and help turn ideas into realities!


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The internet is dead – long live the internet!

Posted by Týr on January 2, 2009

Why have I neglected this blog for so long? How did I let it go unchanged in the past 3 months? Do I really have nothing to say? That can’t be it. I think I’ve found the cause though. 

Typically, whenever not at work, I go through my Google Reader somewhat pathologically. It honestly stresses me out if I don’t get to go through at least a large portion of my Google Reader stack each day. And why? What’s the point? Most of the posts are headlines that I just skip past anyway. Like my Treehugger feed, something like 300 posts a week, and maybe 3 of them will interest me. But if I don’t find the 10 minutes to clicked through the feed and see which articles I actually want to read, it actually bothers me. And that’s just the Treehugger feed. So that’s one feed that’s gone.

I resolve to cull my Google Reader feeds. Because really, does anyone need to have 300 posts a day, only to skip 240 of them? Hell, some blogs I have feeds for I don’t think I’ve ever read a full post of. So away you go. And from now on, I really hope I find it within me to decide that I don’t NEED to have my Reader queue be at zero. There’s no reason for that, and it actually keeps me from doing something with my day. That’s right, I’ll actually spend the daylight hours online instead of going out into the sunlight. And that depresses me.

So I resolve to put the outdoors (whatever that means in NYC) ahead of the internet. Because while the internet can be interesting, and it certainly is, wildly consuming media left and right is not the way it should be used. It just leaves you feeling empty inside. You don’t have any time to write whatever you want to say, because all your time is spent consuming. There’s no introspection, and so this space remains empty. Witness that the last post is from September 30. And I do have something to say. It might quite possibly be a bit of a ramble, it might be a bit of a stream of consciousness thing, like this post is, it might not be as well written as some on my blogroll, but that doesn’t matter to me.

So I resolve not to let this blog fall by the wayside again. I won’t do something like Eileen has done before and is doing again. Writing 200 words every day just isn’t my thing. But something more than a quarterly update should be doable.

I’m also thinking I’ll expand this blog to just put whatever I want on here. I won’t limit it to just about sex, because as those who know me can attest, there’s a whole lot more to me than that, and I don’t want to have to wonder whether putting something here is appropriate. Lots of blogs I read do that. Kaya doesn’t write only about her sex life. Maymay is showing many more tech posts. Tom Allen for a while seemed to turn into a fitness blog. So that means you’ll probably a number of posts on architecture and photography here. I’d say those are my main interests. And of course random stuff I find online.

But there will still be sex. Since that too is still a part of my life. It’ll be up here more often, but so will other parts of my life.

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A few funny things around the internet…

Posted by Týr on August 10, 2008

One guy gets laughed at every time he fucks his geeky girlfriend from behind. See why.

Oh come on, Dubya, she was asking for it. Indulge a little.

This is why we should all be afraid of clowns. And yet turned on by them. But mostly afraid of them.

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Sex Blogger needs our help!

Posted by Týr on August 5, 2008

foj_email_banner_1 Support the Friends of Jefferson Legal Defense Fund
An important member of the sex-positive community
urgently needs our help.

Jefferson—blogger, educator, and dear friend to so many of us—is at this moment fighting a court battle with his ex-wife, who is seeking full custody of their three children.

Jefferson’s love for his children has been well-documented on his blog One Life, Take Two for years. His ex-wife has stated in court that he is a “great” father who loves his children.

However, among her claims is that his bisexuality makes him an unfit parent.

Jefferson needs our help now. As a writer, his resources are limited. The costs of fighting this case are mounting quickly—and will certainly run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

As of today, there is an urgent and immediate need for at least $20,000 to cover costs associated with attorney fees and those of the law guardian who has been appointed to represent the children.

If he is unable to pay these fees by August 11,
he will be forced to relinquish custody of his children.

This case is of concern to anyone whose sexuality does not fit the standard mold—because it could happen to you. This case is of concern to all writers, because Jefferson’s blog is being used as evidence against him—and that could have repercussions for our First Amendment rights.

Here’s how to help:

Make an ANONYMOUS, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution to Jefferson’s legal defense by visiting the Sexual Freedom Defense and Education Fund at:


There you will find out how to donate to Jefferson’s Defense Fund via PayPal or if you prefer, check or money order.

Please note that you MUST mention that your donation be used for the JEFFERSON LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.


In the coming days, www.onelifetaketwo.com will be relaunched with information about Jefferson’s ongoing case. Be sure to visit his blog for updates. In the meantime, you can contact Jefferson directly at friendsofjefferson@gmail.com.

I don’t know Jefferson at all personally, but his blog makes clear that he loves his kids. Don’t let the blog become a tool for taking them away from him.

Pass the word. If it can happen to one of us, it can happen to any of us.

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Radiance blinding as it gives and now takes

Posted by Týr on March 19, 2008

(continued from previous post)

What was missing was really simply an intensity, a deeper intent in the scenes than simply haivng fingertips digging into your back. It was nice to feel vulnerable for a change, but that wasn’t enough for me. I re-discovered something that made me figure out what could provide that which I was missing.

While going through my computer, I discovered that I had downloaded but not yet listened to editions 6 & 7 of Kink On Tap. I decided that that had to be rectified, and so the next time I had 2 hours to spare, I listened to both of them, back to back. And somehow, that struct a chord. Both of the podcasts are about T&D, which I would describe as my core kink when I bottom, but had somehow fallen out of my favor for some reason. For whatever reason listening to the two podcasts rekindled my interest in T&D, so I soon asked Maja not to let me orgasm for a while, but if she really wanted to, then I would have no objections to this.

And, holy crap, I took to that like a fish to water.  As did Maja. She was definitely enjoying teasing me, having me wrapped around her finger like that. There was one point, after a week of being denied (my longest stretch up to then – I know, some claim that’s nothing) where I was lying down with my head in her lap, talking to her as she lightly teased me, and I said to her “I kind of want you to not let me come this week. – But I also want you to ignore everything I say and let me have an orgasm real soon.” I somehow also managed to actually enjoy the pain of blue balls, which surprised me.

Still, luckily/sadly that bit of denial came to a mind-shattering end after two weeks, and as happens to many people, I somehow didn’t quite want to start right up again with the a full-blown scene. And then, a few days later, just when I was ready to let Maja decide again whether I get to enjoy an orgasm or not, life sadly intervened and Maja was taken out of commission when it comes to kink for two weeks.

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I’ve been linked!

Posted by Týr on August 30, 2007

So on Thursday, before leaving for Floating World, my blog had a lowly 92 hits on it’s hit counter. When I looked again on Monday, there were 893. Where did all these come from? I was thinking that perhaps I left some incredibly wise comment on one of the many blogs that I read. But since I would hardly describe my writing as fantastic, I ruled that out fairly quickly. Then, after going through my blogroll, I saw that Kaya linked to my rambling post on objectification.

I think Kaya might be the first sex blog that I started reading. THANK YOU KAYA!

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