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The internet is dead – long live the internet!

Posted by Týr on January 2, 2009

Why have I neglected this blog for so long? How did I let it go unchanged in the past 3 months? Do I really have nothing to say? That can’t be it. I think I’ve found the cause though. 

Typically, whenever not at work, I go through my Google Reader somewhat pathologically. It honestly stresses me out if I don’t get to go through at least a large portion of my Google Reader stack each day. And why? What’s the point? Most of the posts are headlines that I just skip past anyway. Like my Treehugger feed, something like 300 posts a week, and maybe 3 of them will interest me. But if I don’t find the 10 minutes to clicked through the feed and see which articles I actually want to read, it actually bothers me. And that’s just the Treehugger feed. So that’s one feed that’s gone.

I resolve to cull my Google Reader feeds. Because really, does anyone need to have 300 posts a day, only to skip 240 of them? Hell, some blogs I have feeds for I don’t think I’ve ever read a full post of. So away you go. And from now on, I really hope I find it within me to decide that I don’t NEED to have my Reader queue be at zero. There’s no reason for that, and it actually keeps me from doing something with my day. That’s right, I’ll actually spend the daylight hours online instead of going out into the sunlight. And that depresses me.

So I resolve to put the outdoors (whatever that means in NYC) ahead of the internet. Because while the internet can be interesting, and it certainly is, wildly consuming media left and right is not the way it should be used. It just leaves you feeling empty inside. You don’t have any time to write whatever you want to say, because all your time is spent consuming. There’s no introspection, and so this space remains empty. Witness that the last post is from September 30. And I do have something to say. It might quite possibly be a bit of a ramble, it might be a bit of a stream of consciousness thing, like this post is, it might not be as well written as some on my blogroll, but that doesn’t matter to me.

So I resolve not to let this blog fall by the wayside again. I won’t do something like Eileen has done before and is doing again. Writing 200 words every day just isn’t my thing. But something more than a quarterly update should be doable.

I’m also thinking I’ll expand this blog to just put whatever I want on here. I won’t limit it to just about sex, because as those who know me can attest, there’s a whole lot more to me than that, and I don’t want to have to wonder whether putting something here is appropriate. Lots of blogs I read do that. Kaya doesn’t write only about her sex life. Maymay is showing many more tech posts. Tom Allen for a while seemed to turn into a fitness blog. So that means you’ll probably a number of posts on architecture and photography here. I’d say those are my main interests. And of course random stuff I find online.

But there will still be sex. Since that too is still a part of my life. It’ll be up here more often, but so will other parts of my life.


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I have returned!

Posted by Týr on December 9, 2007

Hello my lovely reader. I have just returned to New York after spending the past two-and-a-half weeks in Tanzania. Beautiful country; if you ever get the chance to go, you should. And I brought back a pervertable, too. Really, it’s not even that much of a pervertable, since it’s not really that much of a change from its original purpose.

 Specifically, it’s a Maasai club similar to this here. The Maasai use this, along with other things like spears, to bludgeon the crap out of lions when they come into their villages. So I shall use this thing very lightly. Also, it looks beautiful, so I may use it very sparingly.

 Not much else to say right now. Clearly not a kink-related trip, but you just can’t keep thoughts out of your head, especially with some of the things at the Mwenge carvers’ market in Dar Es Salaam.

 Yay to be back!

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Floating World

Posted by Týr on August 30, 2007

So this past weekend was Floating World, and like Maja would say, it was a life-changing experience. In some way have I never felt quite so comfortable with who I am as I did there. But why did I feel so comfortable there? I can’t say that I learned something that blew my mind away. I didn’t meet anyone who swept me off my feet (well, literally speaking). Does this mean that kink is a bigger part of my life than I had thought? I think I shall save that thought for a later date.

So the first day there, while watching Jefferson‘s presentation about the G- and P-spot we met two other young-folk like ourselves, Switch and Boy with whom our entire group of friends hit it off, but Maja and I most of all. They are fantastic and funny and awesome. Sadly, we only found out then that they lived in upper Manhattan the entire summer and we didn’t know about them. Hell, they were even at Folson Street East but we somehow didn’t get to know each other then. Enough with the rant about not having gotten to know them sooner.

Since they are both “rope geeks” and were more than happy to practice their talents, they ended up suspending Maja, May, and myself. Maja absolutely loved it, as did May. My experience was a little less pleasant, not because of anything that Switch, Boy, or Dov (who was helping our new friends) did wrong, but because my body simply decided that it didn’t want to be part of such a new experience and decided to clench up every muscle that I have. To the extent that I was sore the next day. That being said, I’d love to do it again. It’s one of those weird experiences that in retrospect is awesome, but at the time was not entirely enjoyable.

Out of the blue on Saturday, Eileen came up to Maja and I and told us that she wanted to do a take-down with Maymay and that’s all she knew. I immediately offered her the use of my spandex hood for the scene, which she very gladly accepted. Luckily I packed it that day. Come 12 hours later, Maymay gets abducted and beaten pretty much as planned. While I’d try to describe it, Maja and myself fairly soon peeled off and did our own scene while Maymay was still being taken care of, so I’d suggest you try reading Eileen’s account of it.

Sadly, the rest of the weekend is kind of a blut-of-awesome. Not a moment of boredom, of ennui. Just all this stuff going on around me, all of it awesome. I can’t wait for next year.

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Thought I’d join the party.

Posted by Týr on August 13, 2007

You know, I technically already have a blog for this kinda stuff. Somehow I just grew out of having a livejournal. It seems a little too angsty/adolescent/etc somehow.

So what am I going to be posting here? I don’t know what exactly right now – it’ll probably be whatever comes into my head. It’ll at least be vaguely related to kink/BDSM/bondage/S&M. I guess I’ll start off with an intro.

By day, I’m a humble structural engineer. By night, I’m mostly asleep. In between, I like to hit my girlfriend whenever she lets me do so. Considering that technically I’ve been kinky for almost 4 years now you’d think that I’ve done more than I actually have. I guess that’s what being overly worried that your roommates will hear and the fear of awkwardness (definitely an issue with my current roommates) will do to you. 

I’m a fairly regular attendee of Conversio Virium and it seems that most of my current social circle is taken from its ranks without ever really having made the effort. I’m quite good friends with Eileen and Maymay and in fact they live only a few hundred feet or meters (either applies really) from my own domicile. I’m going to be going to Floating World and will be paying for it hard labor.

As for my pseudonym, I wanted to take a name from mythology, but didn’t want to choose one from Greek or Roman mythology. Now, I’m somewhat of a contrarian (my girlfriend M will disagree with the “somewhat” part), so that ruled out those sources. That, plus the fact that I’m German, made me want to go with Germanic mythology. The closest I could find was Norse, and after looking through the names for a couple days I went with Týr because I wanted a name that went with one of my initials and he seemed like a cool source of the name (though I still have to read the Edda to confirm that for myself). Now I feel like joining the fray that exists online for no particular reason. In fact, judging by how much free time I have on a given weekday to do this kinda stuff, I shouldn’t. But then again, there will be plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead. Which is hopefully a long ways away.

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