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My cock doesn’t talk politics.

Posted by Týr on February 19, 2008

Until now!

I can’t really say that I’m surprised, but an environmentalist blog is not really where I would expect to find any sort of sexual advice. That being said, a link directly on Treehugger‘s homepage is titled How to Green Your Sex Life. Among other things the page itself gives the good advice to avoid any toys that might have phthalates and also suggests “some nice warm loving before bed can get the bedroom toasty, meaning the thermostat can be lower”. That has to be the most awkward and indirect way to initiate sex that I can think of.

From there it’s just a quick few jumps to discover that organic lube exists (Maymay & Eileen, take note – made in Australia) or to read about the joy of bamboo bed sheets, and organic undies. Really I should stop giving you the links myself and let you explore on your own.

I never really thought about it, but it makes complete sense that even sex could and should be greened. All one ever hears in the media (well, mainstream media) is about large-scale projects/ideas/etc, like taking an entire house off the grid. Very rarely, if at all, does one hear of something this low on the energy consumption scale. Then again, the power savings from this website are likely not to drastically lower your electric bill or save the world from global warming. Still, every little bit counts, and who am I to keep you from loving the earth while you love each other. Or yourselves.


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