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…and it may just be good for what ails you.

This bicycle is also a detour…

Posted by Týr on May 21, 2009

Two weeks ago I was thoroughly in dom-mode and Maja complimented that very nicely. She was more than happy to be at my beck and call and we had delightfully rough sex every night. Then, over the weekend, I caught a massive cold which knocked me out of commission for last week. Thus, my period of dominance took a break as I got better and ready to take control of Maja once again.

Then, one night, I was woken up shortly after going to sleep by Maja teasing me. “What made you react this way?” I had no idea what she was talking about. After all, I had woken up to someone working very hard (I assume) to get me very worked up. Still, I was dropping like a brick, and all I wanted was for her to continue. “How long should we keep this going, huh? How long do you want to go without orgasm?” I wasn’t nearly awake enough to appreciate or fully enjoy the predicament I suddenly found myself in. I hadn’t even properly understood the first question yet. Still, I mumbled something along the lines of “However long you want. I don’t want to know.” I know, all fairly standard T&D male lines – nothing special here.

The thing is, she decided to start this T&D time just before the week when I decided I would be biking to (and from) work everyday. Now, Manhattan is mostly fairly flat terrain, so most biking not very grueling. However, we live in the (relatively) higher elevations of Manhattan, so that means that between me and home is a very big and steep hill. Getting up this hill and back home is totally doable, but here’s the thing: after conquering this hill I feel like I just want to throw Maja down on our bed and have my way with her. I want to say that I’ve mentioned this to her in the past, when we were living further uptown and there was an even bigger hill in the way of home, but for whatever reason we never actually acted on this. Perhaps this is because shortly thereafter I would say “wow, I’m hungry. and in desperate need of a shower!”

But now, I get home and I am just full of adrenaline from biking up that hill and then having to weave through NYC traffic for about half a mile and I must somehow transform this initial desire to dominate (or at least very much top)  Maja into something that is much more submissive. And somehow I’ve managed to do it, for the most part, but I don’t know how, exactly. A few days ago Maja came home shortly after I finished my post-ride shower and I was still so pumped up that she didn’t know what to do with me.

I wish I could more easily exchange this dominant streak for something that is more useful to the dynamic we have right now. The only thing I can think of is to have more practice with this. Eventually I’ll stumble onto it. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.


3 Responses to “This bicycle is also a detour…”

  1. Maja said

    Other mitigating factors: I caught your cold. Mars is laughing at us and nobody is getting any. My head and heart know it’s spring, but the rest of me thinks it’s that gross part of November when the snow is gray and we dream of this time of year dammit.


    I honestly thought you had an intense fit of giggles that day and that’s it. Do you always laugh like that when you’re trying to convert dominance into submission? Because that would explain a host of other moments of inexplicable hilarity. You nutbar. We should talk more.

    You mentioned that hill thing a couple of times, but I had no idea the feeling was so intense as to be postworthy. I could totally have gone for some getting-shoved-down-and-effed-up this week, were it not for the aforementioned cold.

    Stupid, stupid aforefuckingmentioned cold.

    • Maja said

      And, to offset the Ornery McGrumpinstein tone of that comment, can I say how monumentally sweet it is that you tried to switch modes kinda artificially for me? Usually you’re a fierce advocate of playing it by ear. It’s very sweet of you!

  2. professornyc said

    That pumped up feeling of conquering a hill or a challenging ride is very powerful and rewarding. You are the dominant one in that scene. But you have a very good question about how and what you do with the feeling. The feeling you ave after the ride comes from successful endurance. Cycling is almost like being the best switch. On any ride you are the top/dominant who conquers a hill while all along being the bottom/sub who can endure severe pain and torture but you never give up. That switch is what you may want to tap into. How does the feeling you are speaking of become the thing that allows you to be the best bottom/sub after the ride when you normally associate the feeling with the top/dominant role? How do you flip the ‘switch’? Think of it as a multi-use tool.

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