Everyone needs a love tap now and then

…and it may just be good for what ails you.

A glimpse into the future, hopefully

Posted by Týr on April 28, 2009

I get all warm and fuzzy inside every time I take my bike down the Greenway, right by the benches on the Hudson River in Riverside Park. Each time I go past them I am reminded of this one time a year or two ago when I saw a couple, both of them silver/white-haired, taking up a bench. The man was lying down with his head in her lap, and they both seemed just completely at ease taking up a bench like that. As if I just missed a few tender caresses, some loving laughter, and they stayed until just before I headed back up north hours later.

And even though I caught only a fleeting glimpse of them as I was flying by, the image is indelible in my head: I want that when I grow up!

When my hair is grey, I still want to do that. To just lie down, put my head in Maja’s lap, and just forget my troubles.

(Now, who knows what their relationship actually was? They might now be each other’s 4th spouse. Of course, that thought didn’t cross my mind until I was writing this post, and even now I want to push the thought out of my head because I don’t want this image destroyed by cynicism. And it probably has taken on an even more romantic tone as it has replayed itself in my mind. Then again, he might’ve been having back pain…)

So that’s what I want when I go gray. Whether I do that here in NYC, or on some farm, or on the moon, whether current goals, such as having children, are met or not, whether kink is still part of my life, I want to be part of the couple I saw that day. So if you’re looking for me on a superb Saturday afternoon in 2040, try a bench. You’ll find me in Maja’s lap.


6 Responses to “A glimpse into the future, hopefully”

  1. maja said

    [is speechless.]

    [is determined to make it to 2040, lap intact.]

  2. Sara said

    This just made my night.

    I hope I still know you both, then.

  3. Wendy Blackheart said


  4. maymay said

    You have that now, don’t you? 🙂 Why put off until 2040 what you can do today?

    • Týr said

      The point is that I still want my relationship to be as physically affectionate then as it is now. I can do that now, and I do. But I still want that playfulness then.

  5. SJ said

    That’s wonderful! I think I know the feeling. 🙂 It’s great to know what you want, isn’t it?

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