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The internet is dead – long live the internet!

Posted by Týr on January 2, 2009

Why have I neglected this blog for so long? How did I let it go unchanged in the past 3 months? Do I really have nothing to say? That can’t be it. I think I’ve found the cause though. 

Typically, whenever not at work, I go through my Google Reader somewhat pathologically. It honestly stresses me out if I don’t get to go through at least a large portion of my Google Reader stack each day. And why? What’s the point? Most of the posts are headlines that I just skip past anyway. Like my Treehugger feed, something like 300 posts a week, and maybe 3 of them will interest me. But if I don’t find the 10 minutes to clicked through the feed and see which articles I actually want to read, it actually bothers me. And that’s just the Treehugger feed. So that’s one feed that’s gone.

I resolve to cull my Google Reader feeds. Because really, does anyone need to have 300 posts a day, only to skip 240 of them? Hell, some blogs I have feeds for I don’t think I’ve ever read a full post of. So away you go. And from now on, I really hope I find it within me to decide that I don’t NEED to have my Reader queue be at zero. There’s no reason for that, and it actually keeps me from doing something with my day. That’s right, I’ll actually spend the daylight hours online instead of going out into the sunlight. And that depresses me.

So I resolve to put the outdoors (whatever that means in NYC) ahead of the internet. Because while the internet can be interesting, and it certainly is, wildly consuming media left and right is not the way it should be used. It just leaves you feeling empty inside. You don’t have any time to write whatever you want to say, because all your time is spent consuming. There’s no introspection, and so this space remains empty. Witness that the last post is from September 30. And I do have something to say. It might quite possibly be a bit of a ramble, it might be a bit of a stream of consciousness thing, like this post is, it might not be as well written as some on my blogroll, but that doesn’t matter to me.

So I resolve not to let this blog fall by the wayside again. I won’t do something like Eileen has done before and is doing again. Writing 200 words every day just isn’t my thing. But something more than a quarterly update should be doable.

I’m also thinking I’ll expand this blog to just put whatever I want on here. I won’t limit it to just about sex, because as those who know me can attest, there’s a whole lot more to me than that, and I don’t want to have to wonder whether putting something here is appropriate. Lots of blogs I read do that. Kaya doesn’t write only about her sex life. Maymay is showing many more tech posts. Tom Allen for a while seemed to turn into a fitness blog. So that means you’ll probably a number of posts on architecture and photography here. I’d say those are my main interests. And of course random stuff I find online.

But there will still be sex. Since that too is still a part of my life. It’ll be up here more often, but so will other parts of my life.


2 Responses to “The internet is dead – long live the internet!”

  1. Tom Allen said

    Wow, you could be writing about me. I’ve got, uh, over 300 blogs and news feeds, and keep adding more. I cull them from time to time, but really – when I stop looking at them and just hit “mark all read” several times a week, then it’s time to just delete the damn things.

    And in NYC, there really is a lot of “outdoors” – you have some great parks and there’s no lack of interesting cultural things going on at any time. Hell, even if you just make a point to get out of the house and walk around four or eight blocks every day might be enough to clear your head.

    As to expanding your blog – it’s a great idea. Nothing says that once you start writing about kinky sex means that you have to continue to write about only that. I got into the fitness thing in a big way this past year, and it impacted my life quite a bit, so why shouldn’t I write about it? My readers do not appear to have abandoned me, and I’ve picked up a few more. And know what? I write more because I don’t always feel pressured to write just about sex – or, in some cases, not having sex.

    BTW, I do appreciate your mentioning that my post gave you some insight. I’m basking in the good karma even now.

    Here’s to a great 2009.

  2. Wendy Blackheart said

    Yay! You’re back on the internets!

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