Everyone needs a love tap now and then

…and it may just be good for what ails you.

It’s not enough to bash in heads, You’ve got to bash in minds!

Posted by Týr on July 24, 2008

Ever since I have had to go to work at a construction site for the past two weeks, I’ve been on the lookout for a 18″-24″ long #3 or #4 rebar to take home and use as a nice, short, heavy cane. But I was always too busy to be able to swipe one. Until today.

Since there was a downpour in the morning, work came to a halt, and I could take my time walking around the site, looking at what had been done. And there, in a stack of short bars that were going to be thrown away, were a #3 AND a #4 bars in the lengths I wanted! So I went to Home Depot and got some tool dip so I could coat the bar and keep it from rusting away.

When I got home I realized that the tool dip can was significantly shorter than the rebar, and that if I dipped each end in, I would still end up with uncoated steel in the middle. How do I rectify this, short of pouring it out over some kind of tarp. I thought of perhaps using a brush or similar, but I would very much prefer a uniform coat over the entire bar.

Also, I just discovered that there is clear tool dip. I think I want that instead, so that I can still see that it’s rebar. I’m thinking I want to return the tool dip I have (red) and then find some clear dip. But I should hurry, so that I coat it before the bar rusts.

Finally: who wants a heavy metal beating, literally? I know, I’ll use sparingly. It is, after all, steel. And thus fairly heavy.


5 Responses to “It’s not enough to bash in heads, You’ve got to bash in minds!”

  1. Wendy Blackheart said

    I’d consider a heavy metal beating, but only if the background music is heavy metal.

  2. Dov said

    A simple way to make tool dip go farther is to take some newspaper and tape it into a cylinder that’s a bit longer than the item you want to dip and make the diameter just a bit more than the objects diameter.
    You need just enough space to dip the item without touching the sides.
    Then fill the tube with the dip of choice about halfway remember Archimedes because dipping the item in will cause the dip to rise up and fill the tube.

  3. Tom Allen said

    Stand the rebar up in a bowl and carefully pour the goop down the sides of the rebar. You may need to swap bowls several times to get consistent coating, pouring the runoff goop back over the rebar each time.

  4. Dov said

    Actually Toms idea isn’t so hot if you try to coat the bar all at once you have no way to hold onto it and will end up with goopy bits where you have to manipulate the wet coated bar.

    Also tool dip doesn’t coa well when you por or drip it on.
    The best way is to do half or 3 quarters hang the bar by some string tied around the uncaoted section till it dries then coat the uncoated section holding it by the now dry coated part.
    Also instead of hanging ig you hav something it can sit that you can socket the end of he uncoated rebar into that works as well

  5. SJ said

    Snag some more of those bars next time you get the chance. I want to practice with a redneck katana. 🙂

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