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…and it may just be good for what ails you.

I summoned a demon and took it to bed

Posted by Týr on October 15, 2007

This past weekend at Topdrop’s play party I ended up beating The Scot nicely. We had agreed two weeks ago that this would happen after getting the ok from our respective significant others (neither couple would come close to describing themselves as polyamourous). Then last week the four of us sat down after the CV meeting and asked what each of us would be comfortable, what parts of her body I should avoid hitting, etc.

When we actually got to starting the scene at the party, I started it off by grabbing her neck and pushing her against the wall, just to get the scene off with a clear “I’m in charge” moment. I was then somewhat confused when she pushed my hand away. So I asked her “Is my hand on your neck not ok? I just realized that we didn’t actually negotiate that.” She assured me that it was ok, that she was simply a bottom that resists and makes my job that much harder and more enjoyable.

But afterwards, like now, I was wondering why I asked about one common potential minefield (face slapping) but left out another (putting my hand on her neck). What is more noteworthy is just how much this has become part of my playing repetoire without me really knowing it. It’s not that I am a big proponent of breath-play. I just really like putting my hand around the bottom’s (most often Maja’s) neck as a sign of dominance & control of the scene.

And by the same thinking, over the past few months, I realize I’ve grown to enjoy playing with fear. Well, not fear, but that look in the bottom’s eyes of “Holy crap, what did I get myself into?!?” is rather priceless, even if the bottom knows (or at least should) that nothing too painful/bad/injurious/etc is going to happen. And I find that a hand on the neck is an excellent way to achieve that. Since, I could, in theory, start choking, start some (surprise) breathplay… I most likely wouldn’t. But I could.

Perhaps fear isn’t the right word. No, it’s definitely not. I can’t think of the word that fits what I’m thinking of. Let’s try this: mix one shot of control, one shot of determination, two shots of general emotional intensity (the non-stomach-lining-hating kink equivalent of MSG), and a splash of fear-inducement, and you kinda have what I’m going for. (Still confused? Ask in a comment)

I don’t actually try to get my bottoms to be afraid of me (although I’m not opposed), I just really like to be the one in control when I’m topping, that emotional intensity. And frankly, what better way to set such a mood for a scene than to push someone up against the wall by their neck?

Hell, it might just take their breath away.


2 Responses to “I summoned a demon and took it to bed”

  1. maja said

    I like this post 🙂 It’s actually inspired me to post, and it will be something of an apologetic post, and I love you.

  2. […] I don’t actually try to get my bottoms to be afraid of me (although I’m not opposed), I just rea… […]

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