Everyone needs a love tap now and then

…and it may just be good for what ails you.

I’ve heard of objectification…

Posted by Týr on August 20, 2007


..but this is ridiculous. This catsuit might just be the weirdest erotic attire I have ever seen. I mean, isn’t the point of having sex with an actual person to actually have sex with an real live warm-blooded person? If you want to have sex with a doll, buy a doll. It’ll probably be cheaper than this catsuit (except that last one).

Yes, I understand the whole objectification thing. Sometimes you simply want to just use someone as an object for sex. The thing is that I want to use a person as an object without turning them into one. I still want my partner to respond normally. To moan, to gasp and grimace as I slap/squeeze/squish (really just wanted to alliterate), to clutch at my back, to look me in the eyes and tell me more in those gazes than she could with words. I quite enjoy have sex with real people. I think I should continue that.

Actually, the more I think about this, the more this thought turns me on, and that’s just weird. Because I’ve always thought that love dolls are just weird. Very weird. (Especially when you have people who buy a RealDoll and then treat those as their girlfriends – In fact Maja and I saw a preview for a movie that deals with this stuff). Come to think of it, only one aspect turns me on about having sex with a person wearing this ridiculous latex suit: she would moan. That is the one aspect of such an encounter I would look forward too.

I bet in real life any similar situation would turn out totally different, but that’s not important right now. (For one thing, if I had $700 lying around, I sure as hell wouldn’t use it on this.) I bet that if the situation should miraculously present itself, I’d bemoan the fact that I don’t have actual nipples to torment but instead have to make do with two weird unhealthily-pink circles on the doll’s chest.

The worst part about having sex with someone wearing this: you’d think that after some time having sex the look of surprise would leave her face.


5 Responses to “I’ve heard of objectification…”

  1. kaya said

    Ha! I love that picture.

    Outgrown LJ? I feel so left behind! 😉

  2. You could probably tweak nipples through the suit… perhaps even snap the suit onto the nipples, thus producing fun yelping noises. But, yeah, creepy suit of much money holds no interest for me either.

  3. Týr said


    I suppose you could say that I’ve outgrown LJ. I really just felt like I needed a change, and the previous blog didn’t seem like the right venue for it.


    I feel like it’ll be similar to tweaking nipples through a bra – not very effective.

  4. maymay said

    I would want something like this, but I’d probably change the facial expression, too. Also, I would want a boy version, obviously. Not that I wouldn’t also like a girl version; being a submissive in a scene in which another person is objectified this way further brings power dynamics to the forefront, which is all kinds of hotness.

  5. maja said

    Depends on the nipple, I’d say.

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