Everyone needs a love tap now and then

…and it may just be good for what ails you.

Thought I’d join the party.

Posted by Týr on August 13, 2007

You know, I technically already have a blog for this kinda stuff. Somehow I just grew out of having a livejournal. It seems a little too angsty/adolescent/etc somehow.

So what am I going to be posting here? I don’t know what exactly right now – it’ll probably be whatever comes into my head. It’ll at least be vaguely related to kink/BDSM/bondage/S&M. I guess I’ll start off with an intro.

By day, I’m a humble structural engineer. By night, I’m mostly asleep. In between, I like to hit my girlfriend whenever she lets me do so. Considering that technically I’ve been kinky for almost 4 years now you’d think that I’ve done more than I actually have. I guess that’s what being overly worried that your roommates will hear and the fear of awkwardness (definitely an issue with my current roommates) will do to you. 

I’m a fairly regular attendee of Conversio Virium and it seems that most of my current social circle is taken from its ranks without ever really having made the effort. I’m quite good friends with Eileen and Maymay and in fact they live only a few hundred feet or meters (either applies really) from my own domicile. I’m going to be going to Floating World and will be paying for it hard labor.

As for my pseudonym, I wanted to take a name from mythology, but didn’t want to choose one from Greek or Roman mythology. Now, I’m somewhat of a contrarian (my girlfriend M will disagree with the “somewhat” part), so that ruled out those sources. That, plus the fact that I’m German, made me want to go with Germanic mythology. The closest I could find was Norse, and after looking through the names for a couple days I went with Týr because I wanted a name that went with one of my initials and he seemed like a cool source of the name (though I still have to read the Edda to confirm that for myself). Now I feel like joining the fray that exists online for no particular reason. In fact, judging by how much free time I have on a given weekday to do this kinda stuff, I shouldn’t. But then again, there will be plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead. Which is hopefully a long ways away.


6 Responses to “Thought I’d join the party.”

  1. maymay said

    Welcome. 🙂 Nice to have you ’round. Y’know, since I don’t see you a lot already.

  2. Eileen said

    Hey you!

    By night, I’m mostly asleep.

    You are made of awesome.

  3. Týr said

    Maymay –

    Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully this attempt will have more longevity than the previous one.

    Eileen –

    I knew you’d be among those who would love that comment.

  4. Hi;
    I'[m not really sure how i got on this website!!! it does seem to be one that i would like, i am a slave and looking for a bdsm relationship-but I’m old, I turned 48 about 11 months ago. sharon

  5. selftest said

    Like the blog. Good stuff… Also funny that you did a kind of etymology of your pseudonym. I did the Same thing on my blog. (Hell yeah shameless plug!)

    Anyhow, I hope your current endeavor lasts a lot longer than my past ones have as well.

  6. Týr said

    All who come are welcome. Good luck finding your place in a bdsm relationship.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. I’m hoping this will last longer as well.

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